1、she pulls out她退出了

  2、keep in touch保持聯絡

  3、Do it now。說干就干,機不可失。

  4、a heart of steel。鐵石心腸。

  5、it’s dying art。這是已失傳的手藝

  6、she is hangover。她昨夜喝醉了。

  7、you are all wet。你完全誤會了。

  8、don’t brush me off不要敷衍我。

  9、don’t let me down。別叫我失望。

  10、gentlemen agreement。君子協定

  11、I have my limit。我的忍耐度有限。

  12、beyond one’s grasp。鞭長莫及。

  13、let’s go Dutch 。我們各付各的吧。

  14、Diamond cut diamond。勢均力敵。

  15、what you call this。你這算什么。

  16、in everyone’s mouth。膾炙人口。

  17、don’t turn me down。不要拒絕我。

  18、how about a bite。隨便吃些什么吧。

  19、Delays are dangerous。拖延誤事。

  20、content is happiness。知足常樂。

  21、care will kill a cat。憂慮傷神。

  22、call a spade a spade。直言不諱。

  23、what is bugging you。什么事使你心煩

  24、speak of the devil。說曹操,曹操就到。

  25、you can count on me。你可以信得過我。

  26、clothes make the man。人靠衣服馬靠鞍。

  27、to be guided by destiny。聽天由命。

  28、care brings grey hair。愁一愁,白了頭。

  29、we sang the same songs。我們志同道合。

  30、Do as the Romans do。入國問禁,入鄉隨俗。

  31、pride goes before a fall。驕者必敗。

  32、it’s a matter of time。這是遲早的問題。

  33、I hope you in the roll。我希望你也能來。

  34、care is enemy to health。憂慮有損健康。

  35、he see things not people。他論事不論人。

  36、Better to have than wish,F有勝過心想。

  37、to kick against the pricks。螳臂擋車。

  38、to harp on the same string。舊調重彈。

  39、Business is business。生意是生意,交情歸交情。

  40、what’s done cannot be undone覆水難收。

  41、Blood is thicker than water。血濃于水。

  42、Business before pleasure。先工作,后娛樂。

  43、let’s get it straight。我們打開天窗說亮話吧。

  44、the weakest goes to the wall。優勝劣敗。

  45、to suffer for one’s wisdom。聰明反被聰明誤。

  46、content is better than riches。知足常樂。

  47、Better to be safe than sorry。安全勝過遺憾。

  48、to convert defeat into victory。轉敗為勝。

  49、custom is a second nature。習俗是人的第二天性。

  50、bitterest of the bitter。吃得苦中苦, 方為人上人。

  51、to look one way and row another。聲東擊西。

  52、Both together do best of all。人心齊,泰山移。

  53、Don‘t forget to cross your t’s。不要丟三落四。

  54、Bite off more than one can chew。貪多嚼不爛。

  55、I'm trying to make ends meet。我盡力要使收支平衡

  56、Do as I say, not as I do。照我說的做,不要照我干的做。

  57、clothes don‘t make the man。好馬不在鞍,人美不在衫。

  58、make yourself comfortable不用約束 (招待客人時說的話)

  59、Busiest men find the most time。最忙的人時間最多。

  60、man proposes and god disposes。謀事在人成事在天 。

  61、care and diligence bring luck。細心勤奮,帶來好運。

  62、children and fools cannot lie。小孩和傻瓜嘴里沒謊話。

  63、Don‘t judge a book by its cover。書的價值不在封面。

  64、children and fools speak the truth。童子吐真言。

  65、Diligence is the mother of success。成功來自勤奮。

  66、By doing nothing we learn to do ill。一閑生百邪。

  67、to give the last measure of devotion。鞠躬盡瘁。

  68、Better to do well than to say well。嘴勤不如手勤。

  69、Better small fish than empty dish。盤中小魚勝無魚。

  70、christmas comes but once a year。圣誕節每年只有一次。

  71、cut your coat according to your cloth?床疾靡。

  72、Better to ask the way than go astray。多問不吃虧。

  73、custom makes all the things easy。形成習慣,事事好辦。

  74、children are what the mothers are。有其母,必有其子。

  75、he who has hope has everything。懷有希望者, 便擁有一切。

  76、Don‘t have too many irons in the fire。貪多嚼不爛。

  77、Diligence is the mother of good luck。幸運出自勤奮。

  78、Birds of a feather flock together。物以類聚,人以群分。

  79、Deeds are males and words are females。會說不如會干。

  80、Do not attend to two things at a time。一心不能二用。

  81、Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom。挫折哺育智慧。

  82、Diligence is the greatest of teachers。勤奮是最偉大的導師。

  83、experience is the extract of suffering。經驗是受苦的結晶。

  84、By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall。團結則存,分裂則亡。

  85、Discontent is the first step in progress。不滿足是進取的第一步。

  86、Books and friends should be few but good。擇友如藏書,皆宜少而精。

  87、self-trust is the first secret of success。自信心是成功的首要關鍵。

  88、Better the last smile than the first laughter。笑在前不如笑在后。

  89、Don‘t count your chickens before they are hatched。不要高興太早。

  90、to be severe with oneself and lenient with others。嚴以責己寬以待人。

  91、prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them。富貴結朋友,患難見真情。

  92、the secret of success is constancy of purpose。成功的秘絕在于目標堅定有恒。

  93、children have the qualities of the parents。有什么樣的父母,就有什么樣的孩子。

  94、the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without 。不戰而屈人之兵。

  95、it is better to fight for good than to fail at the ill。寧為善而斗, 毋屈服于惡。

  96、success grows out of struggles to overcome difficulties。成功源于努力去克服困難。

  97、By reading we enrich the mind; bya conversation we polish it。讀書益智,交談搏彩。

  98、confidence in yourself is the first step on the road to success。信心為成功之始。